Why Strokemanswoman?

One of my followers told me her husband saw an email communication from my blog and thought it was one of those nasty spam emails. She suggested I might reconsider the name. I decided that instead I would explain to you why I chose this pseudonym.

First, I wanted anonymity. I want to be honest about my experience, and I felt I would have more nerve if people couldn’t recognize it as me right off the bat. I realize that this isn’t something that will last for long, but it helped me to get started.

But why Strokemanswoman? Well first of all, Strokeman is a play on words in more than one way. It is very similar to my husband’s name, it indicates the thing that changed our lives, and it is analogous to the swimming exercise that is so much a part of our new lives. But apart from that it signifies that though in many ways Strokeman is the man I married, he is forever changed, and in some ways is very different than the man I fell in love with. But even so, I am now and always will be his woman, until the Lord sees fit to take one of us home.

Because of all this symbolism, (and the fact that I am an idiot when it comes to technology), the name will stay. If you share email with someone, you might take a minute to point me out and ask them not to mark it as spam. See, I told you I say the most ridiculous things without meaning to – and now I have my very own porn star name!

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5 Responses to Why Strokemanswoman?

  1. Kathy Gray says:

    Very nice clarification :0)

  2. tinuviel says:

    I understood immediately. Great minds think alike, and so do ours. 🙂 So glad you decided to do this!

  3. ROFL! This one didn’t make me cry…I literally laughed out loud in my office very early in the morning! Too funny!

  4. lizzigroves says:

    Bahahaha. This might be the worst porn star name ever. I think it’s cute, pithy and a very good reminder. Love you lots!

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