A Cheerful Word

On the day that I am writing this particular post (not the day it will be posted) I am struggling a bit with discouragement. Days like these make me feel lethargic and demotivated. I was tempted to just put off writing at all, but was trying to at least muster a memory that could be developing into a story in my mind. I thought it might cheer me a bit if I could think of something to laugh about. It was a long time in coming, but it is one of my favorite stories, because it so describes the way I feel today.

It was a rare time in life when both my brothers were living in the same house. Because we went to boarding school for junior high and high school, and because my little brother came…shall we say, late in life?…there weren’t many of those days. However, on this day in history they were both there.

It was morning, and my older brother and the rest of the family were up eating breakfast when my little brother came wandering in, still sleepy and very out of sorts. My older brother who, at least on that day, did not respect the sanctity of a quiet, calm environment in which to find one’s social skills in the earliness of the day, began to make teasing remarks to my little brother. The younger tried to ignore the older, but finally in exasperation proclaimed, “Just quit trying to cheer me up! It’s not going to work, so just quit trying!”

I have my doubts whether big brother was really trying to cheer so much as aggravate, but as with many of the proclamations made by the youngest amongst us, this statement has become a regular part of the family vocabulary for describing days just like this.

We have these moments to remember.

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5 Responses to A Cheerful Word

  1. Kathy Gray says:

    This might have been my demeanor last time we talked by phone. :0)

  2. tinuviel says:

    I’m rather fond of that story as well. 🙂 It always makes me smile.

  3. It’s very like a particular sister who told a cheerful visiting preacher to “speak slowly and use small words” at the breakfast table. 🙂

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