Ladies of the Club

Years ago, I am not sure how many, three young women in our church approached my dear friend Cindy about starting a small group in which she would work through a particular book with them (she being older like myself). While she agreed readily to the proposition, she did so with the suggestion that they include another older woman to help her, and thus they invited me along for the journey. At the time we started, all three young women were single with varying levels of prospects. They are now all married, one with a child, and we have added another young woman to the group who has two children. We have gone through several books of varying subjects, and have lived much of life together. This group has given us opportunity to discuss many different aspects of christian living, from contentment to submission, from patience in God’s timing to patience in raising children. To watch the young women grow in spiritual maturity has been a blessing beyond description.

While we were in rehab, I was not able to attend these monthly meetings, but I was assured through word and deed that we were not forgotten by this group. And once we returned home, the group agreed to make my home the new meeting place so that I could continue to be involved.

How I look forward to those afternoons of fellowship and encouragement! Not only do they faithfully come to read and share the grace of God in their lives, but they have brought plants and flowers to brighten my little world. They and their husbands are quick to give me hugs and words of cheer. Their husbands have worked to bring much needed encouragement to my husband. We have added singing of hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs periodically, something that feeds my soul like nothing else.

I am blessed both by encouraging them, and being encouraged by them. I am blessed by the way they have grown, by the way they faithfully applied all they have learned from the scriptures, and by the way they pour out their love on me and my family. Many of the subjects we discussed over the years were the very things I needed to remember in the midst of my present trial, once again proving God’s provision in multiple layers. How thankful I am for their willingness to include me so many years ago, and for their tender hearts that have not only been hearers, but also doers of the Word. I can’t imagine having gone through this without my ladies of the club.

I’ll get by!

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2 Responses to Ladies of the Club

  1. It’s a blessing to know that the people we love are being tended to be the Lord!

  2. It is a blessing to be taken care of!

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