There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

Though much has been said, and more will be said about my church family, one should not take that to mean that I have no appreciation for my biological family. I am so thankful for the way they have all supported me in various ways. I am thankful for the early teaching of my parents about the Gospel, both in word and deed, and for their commitment to each other through thick and thin. I am thankful for my siblings, four, and their spouses, who have encouraged and hugged and prayed and loved. I could do much worse, believe me!

I am particularly thankful for my sisters who have provided many not-so-random acts of kindness along the way. They have sent chocolate, and books (two of the most pivotal books of this part of the journey). They have allowed me to share and laugh at the unorthodox stuff you can’t even put in an anonymous blog.

The week we went to Memphis to say our last goodbyes to Strokeman’s mother, one drove 3+ hours to the other’s home and the two of them drove the 4 remaining hours to come spend the day with me in Memphis. It was a gift of unmeasurable value.

None of us have had an easy go of life. Even this year each of us have challenges that have pushed us to the limit of our abilities. There have been moves across the country, job changes, life changes, family issues. In the midst of it all is the constancy of our love and support of each other.

There were years in our youth when we didn’t appreciate each other the way we should, but as we grow older, we have come to realize that whatever differences there may be in our choices and perspectives, we are really more alike than not. We have learned to look for the things we have in common, and found them to be plentiful.

These two women have responded to all life has thrown them with integrity, determination, and grace. I learn from them daily. I am so thankful for their accomplishments. I am in awe of their gifts and talents. But mostly I am thankful to know that they always have my back, they will always love me, no matter what, and that we will always find a way to make the miles between us not matter.

I’ll get by!

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6 Responses to There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

  1. tinuviel says:

    Sisters are wonderful blessings! Sisters-in-law are pretty good, too. 🙂

  2. Kelly Lyrene says:

    This was a special blessing to read. I’m thankful God gave you faithful sisters! I’m so glad they made the effort and sacrifice to come be with you in Memphis. Keep
    thinking on all things excellent, noble, true, praiseworthy, etc. He is near! Always. Psalm 34.

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