Oh God, You Have Been Good

“A Sense of Divine Goodness would make us patient under our miseries. a deep sense of this would make us give God the honor of his goodness in whatsoever he doth, though the reason of his actions be not apparent to us, nor the event and issue of his proceedings foreseen by us. It is a stated case, that goodness can never intend ill, but designs good in all its acts “to them that love God” (Romans 8:28): nay, he always designs the yes; when he bestows anything upon his people, he sees it best they should have it; and when he removes anything from them, he sees it best they should lose it. When we have lost a thing we loved, and refuse to be comforted, a sense of this perfection, which acts God in all, would keep us from misjudging our sufferings, and measuring the intention of the hand that sent them, by the sharpness of what we feel.  What patient, fully persuaded of the affection of the physician, would not value him though that which is given to purge out the humors racks his bowels? … The consideration of his goodness would dispose us to a composed frame of spirit. If we are sick, it is goodness, it is a disease, and not a hell. It is goodness, that it is a cloud and not a total darkness. What if he transfers from us what we have? He takes no more than what his goodness first imparted to us; and never takes so much from his people as his goodness leaves them: If he strips them of their lives, he leaves them their souls, with those faculties he furnished them with at first, and removes them from those houses of clay to a richer mansion. The time of our sufferings here, were it the whole course of our life, bears not the proportion of a moment to that endless eternity wherein he hath designed to manifest his goodness to us. The consideration of Divine goodness would teach us to draw a calm even from storms, and distill balsam from rods. If the reproofs of the righteous be an excellent oil (Psalm 145:5), we should not think the corrections of a good God to have a less virtue.” Stephen Charnock, On The Goodness of God

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3 Responses to Oh God, You Have Been Good

  1. Cindy V says:

    Thankful for living friends & those whose words remain after they are gone that remind us of simple childhood truth: ‘God is great, God is good. Let us thank Him, as we should.’ Thank you for this reminder, dear friend. Let us continue all our lives to rehearse these profound truths to each other.

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