Shout, O Daughter of Jerusalem

Happy are these his subjects who dwell under his shadow. He rules them, not with that rod of iron by which he bruises and breaks the power of his enemies, but with his golden scepter of love. He reigns by his own right, and by their full and free consent, in their hearts. He reigns upon a throne of grace, to which they have at all times access; and from whence they receive, in answer to their prayers, mercy and peace,  the pardon of all their sins, grace to help in every time of need, and renewed supply answerable to all their wants, cares, services, and conflicts. So that, though they are surrounded with snares, and fiercely opposed by many enemies, they cannot be overpowered, for the Lord himself is their King and their Savior.

John Newton, “Messiah’s Entrance into Jerusalem” The Works of John Newton, Volume 4

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6 Responses to Shout, O Daughter of Jerusalem

  1. christina says:

    Good news! Very fortifying words.

  2. Cindy V says:

    Why do we ever doubt this amazing grace?

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