The following are my notes taken during the application portion of a sermon by Pastor Larry Vincent in March of this year from a series on 1 Peter. While I want to give him credit, I also want to give him this disclaimer – these are my notes. He may or may not have said these things, and they are by no means a representation of the whole sermon:

Do not come to conclusions about your situation by how it is affecting you now, but by what the Scripture says about it from an eternal perspective. Judge it by its usefulness to the Father.

Displaying God and his grace to the people around you is more important than physical or emotional well being.

You will show God to the people around you mostly by suffering with patience, more than in words. Master your tongue, master your spirit, submit patiently.

You must remember that Jesus did this already perfectly on your behalf. You are encompassed by the one who is in control of all things. God has ordained to display Himself to this world through your suffering.

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4 Responses to Application

  1. That was a great sermon. Christ’s example is humbling and encouraging!

  2. Cindy V says:

    Perhaps one of the happiest things that happens during preaching Sunday after Sunday is that we are blessed with the opportunity to regain an eternal perspective.

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