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Escape to Athens – Day One

One day my David mentioned to me in passing that I should plan a trip somewhere and he would stay here with his dad. What, what? Well, I did not let any grass grow under these feet. I started the … Continue reading

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Through the Years

I have put this particular blog of for weeks, because I know that in the writing of it there will be a bit of grieving. I think I have felt kind of like my little brother used to when he … Continue reading

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A Book For All Seasons

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently had the privilege of reading Jeff Goin’s new bestseller, The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing. Having read his book, Wrecked, I looked forward to this … Continue reading

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Letting Go

This is a short devotional I gave at a baby shower for a friend. I love speaking almost as much as writing! Lately it has occurred to me that raising children is really a series of letting go. From the … Continue reading

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How Firm a Foundation

I’ve heard people refer to the classic hymns as being “old school”, meaning their tunes and style render them out of sync with today’s church. And while I can sympathize with their desire to have a more upbeat feel to … Continue reading

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Wait No More

Recently I read a book by Jeff Goins entitled The In-Between. The gist of the book is a discussion of what we do with the time in-between big events (birth, marriage, graduation). Most of our lives happen in those in-between … Continue reading

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Becoming a Writer

Below is an essay I have written to participate in a writing contest: You Are a Writer held by Positive Writer. The question to be answered is “What led you to becoming a writer?” This is my story. When I … Continue reading

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