Change of Perspective

This is a little something I wrote as an exercise for a writing group I meet with once a month. I never intended it for my blog, but the other members of the group thought it was worth posting. It is a window into our morning routine as I imagine it from Strokeman’s perspective. “She” is reading from Psalm 136.

“Your breakfast is ready,” she said as she entered the dimness of the bedroom. She pulled back the covers and helped him drag the dead weight of his left leg across the sheet. He let out a groan as he swung into a sitting position. In spite of his ample height, his feet dangled off the floor. He waited as she slipped on his shoes and positioned his cane, then he gingerly slid down the side of the bed until he felt his right foot plant firmly on the carpet.

Gripping the cane in his good hand he started his awkward waltz toward the table; clink, step, drag; clink, step, drag – the cadence becoming more distinct as he moved from the carpet to the living room tile. Clink, step, drag. He inched his way along, one slow step at a time. As he neared the table he saw her waiting behind his chair, ready to brace the wheels as he plopped down. Clink, step, drag. Clink, step, drag. Plop. He lifted the dead foot with his good one so that she could roll him up to the table.

As He picked up his fork, he listened to her read.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

The sound of her voice confirmed that she was there lurking in the black hole of his left side.

“…for His mercy endures forever..”

He turned his head and tracked his eyes to get a glimpse of her.

“…for His mercy endures forever…”

As she came into view, he noticed the bowl of fruit and realized he had been smelling it unawares since he sat down.

“..for his mercy endures forever…”

He added some to his plate and continued to eat.

“…for his mercy endures forever…”

This woman. She is the enduring mercy of the Lord in flesh and bone. Where would he be without her?

“You ok?” He hadn’t realized the moan was audible until she asked.

“Can you roll me back to the bedroom? I need to be excused.”

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9 Responses to Change of Perspective

  1. And just like yesterday, I love it! It is beautiful, haunting and touching! Nicely done!

  2. Judy King says:

    Beautifully written — I feel this moment in my heart…

  3. christina says:

    very moving. thank you.

  4. Kathy Long says:

    Give and it will be given unto you. True Love!

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