Three Years, A Journey- Part 1

This is my daughter’s blog. She writes of the same things but from a different perspective. I thought you might enjoy reading this in the absence of anything from me lately! It’s hard for me to read. I regret having abandoned my children during a time when they needed me. Thankful they have forgiving hearts.


It is crazy to think that just months ago my life was completely different. Just months ago I was living in an apartment. I was working 50 hours a week between 2 jobs. I had tons of friends and a completely different life style.

When I first got sick several months ago, I felt defeated. I felt everything I had slipping away and all I could do was lay in bed and kiss it all goodbye. I was angry. I was terrified. I was hurt. And I was bitter. I spent many hours crying out to God and many hours feeling like it was pointless to cry out to Him anymore. The longer I laid there in that bed the more I lost. God was stripping me of everything. I lost my apartment, I lost my savings, I could not work, I lost my “friends,” I lost my comfort foods….everything…

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2 Responses to Three Years, A Journey- Part 1

  1. Brenda Keck says:

    Thank you Faith and Deanna for the incredible courage to bare your souls to us. You have moved me to tears. Again. I know you are very different and unique and your experience of the last 3 years has been been uniquely your own. But can I tell you some family traits I see? Courage to walk into the pain. Raw honesty in sharing it. Caring more about helping others than ‘looking good’. A trust in our God that most people only talk about. And… a gift for writing. Your determination to see God’s goodness in the brokenness of life is inspiring and draws me to worship. Thank you.

  2. Apples of gold, Brenda, these words are apples of gold. I pray that Faith inherits only the good from me.

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