About Me

My name is Deanna Brown. And this is the story of how God has blessed me with adversity.

I have lived long enough to realize that I know too little about myself with any confidence to make this exercise an easy task. There have been times I have felt quite sure I knew all there was to know about me, only to find that soon the rules change, the venue changes and I no longer know who I am in the world. So, what can I tell you about me?  Well I know for sure that I was born into this world a sinner – a daughter of Adam. Then one day by the sweet grace of a wonderful God I was brought from that dead existence into the life of a risen Savior. I have since then attempted to live my life in a way that would be pleasing to Him. I have not always done a very good job of that, and spent a good deal of effort trying to hide that fact from the rest of the world. I have in my old age become a firm believer that we would all be better off with a little more real confession and lot less putting on religious airs. Those people who have helped me most have been the ones who have not shied away from being as open about their failures as they have been about their successes. So I am learning to at least be honest about who I am on any given day – regardless of how that may appear to someone else. It is a skewed perspective, in that it is based primarily on my ability to see things from only one point of view; mine.

From a relational stance, I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a grandmother. On good days I am also a friend and a mentor. My friends will tell you that when you first meet me I give the impression of being elegant, graceful, maybe even a bit snobbish. I am none of these things. I trip over nothing, I say the most ridiculous things without meaning to, and have an undeniable need to fill quiet moments with conversation, even if they happen to be shared with perfect strangers while standing in line or getting gas. The veneer is thin indeed.

My education consists of a Bachelor of Social Work. With that degree I worked as a medical social worker for approximately 5 years after which I married and became a stay at home mom. I have raised, at least in part, 5 children, 3 of which I also home schooled. All of these things are just the trappings of living. What I did with them – that’s the real life.

I have always enjoyed toying with writing, though I have never owned the self discipline to make it into more than an occasional essay or bit of rhyme. Who knows if I will succeed this time in something more lasting? I would like to try. I think my story might be helpful to others who travel similar roads. If not, perhaps I will get some entertainment (or therapy) from sharing it.


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