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The Art of Living

In case you hadn’t heard, my sister died. I was standing there holding her hands and singing to her as she slept and breathed labored breaths. She didn’t respond to my touch or my song. They say that the hearing … Continue reading

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Cancer Like a Silence Grows

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know my sister is dying? It seems that even those who don’t know her must have felt the paradigm shift that happened when her body cried, “uncle” just last week after having … Continue reading

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Remembering Dad

This is my first father’s day since my dad died. I miss him, but I am not devastated. I was blessed to see my dad live to a ‘reasonable’ age. The end was hard enough on him that I had … Continue reading

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Treasuring Christ

Below is the second session from the women’s conference in Memphis. It’s probably longer than the first one – way too long to be socially acceptable for a blog post. I contemplated breaking it up into smaller chunks, but decided to … Continue reading

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Trusting Christ

I was given the great privilege of spending a weekend with some very lovely ladies from South Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. They trusted me to come and speak to them on the recommendation of my dear friend, Nancy. The … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sometimes Care Giving Stinks:
Even unexpected good news can bowl us over. Melissa was surprised when I proposed to her. She remembers it as one of the few times she was at a loss for words. (fortunately…

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Remembering Andy

It’s a difficult thing to explain–this relationship missionary kids (MKs) have with each other. We share the experience of growing up in a country not our own where we are forever changed by experiences that will keep us from ever … Continue reading

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