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Understanding Providence

“If you stand at the end of a platform on York station, you can watch a constant succession of engine and train movements which, if you are a railway enthusiast, will greatly fascinate you. But you will only be able … Continue reading

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Preserving the Friendship

I think I might have mentioned that I recently had a conversation with a woman who has been caregiver for her husband for about 17 years. She was a wealth of information on a lot of subjects, even though our … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

The other day I was talking to a friend who had just lost her husband after a difficult illness. She commented to me that she continued to recall things her husband had said over the years so that, in a … Continue reading

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This Inward Journey

When my husband first had his stroke, my prayer was that God would use this event to glorify His name and further His kingdom. As the days wore on, that prayer changed to something along the lines of, “Please don’t … Continue reading

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And Another Thing

The next chapter in the book I will probably ┬ánever write would have to be one discussing the various and sundry things we have tried to help us along our way. Of course we made ourselves available to everything offered … Continue reading

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