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Let Me Explain

I am always intrigued by the different responses I receive from my blog posts. It’s usually a mixture of people who are just finding my blog for the first time, people who have read it from the very beginning, and … Continue reading

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Mysterious Ways

A visit with my husband these days generally involves a litany of complaints about the mean charge nurse that comes on the weekends, the poor quality of the food, and the belief that some of the med aids are signing … Continue reading

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Treasuring Christ

Below is the second session from the women’s conference in Memphis. It’s probably longer than the first one – way too long to be socially acceptable for a blog post. I contemplated breaking it up into smaller chunks, but decided to … Continue reading

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Trusting Christ

I was given the great privilege of spending a weekend with some very lovely ladies from South Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. They trusted me to come and speak to them on the recommendation of my dear friend, Nancy. The … Continue reading

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In Retrospect

In January, I went on cruise with my best friend from 9th grade. Turns out she’s still best friend material. We had a great time. Her husband says I have ruined her, because she now wants to go on a … Continue reading

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The Magic of Music

  He was born to a family with sparse resources, the eldest (and only son) of six children. His earliest memory is of riding atop the burlap sack his mom would fill with cotton during picking season. He didn’t own … Continue reading

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It is What You Think

I have failed. I failed to find the right amount of encouragement, grit and determination to propel Strokeman into complete recovery. I failed to even get him to be independent enough to stay home. I failed to find the right … Continue reading

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